Match Report
Alleyn's School Girls-U11A vs  IAPS
On: Tuesday, 28 Sep 2021
Venue: Away

The girls faced four matches in their pool including Brighton College, Ardingly Prep, Hurst Prep and Hazelwood. After each match the squad gathered together to reflect on their performance and decide on steps forward that built on each experience. After a tough first match against Brighton College taking a 3-0 loss the team chose to develop a more bold defensive press, particularly towards the person with the ball and improve their support play when they attacked their goal. This resulted in an excellent improvement in game two against Ardingly Prep where they drew 0-0 preventing any goals being scored. Ina and Alicia offered relentless pressure on the ball and Leila made some progressive drives with Cicely. Hurst, the hosts, were our next competition and competition they were indeed. Taking a 5-0 win from us, Hurst went on to win our pool. But the girls remained positive and again chose a focus for their final game including bringing greater tenacity and hunger for the ball. Along with some great saves from Zoƫ, the girls broke through to take two shots at goal and finished with a respectable 1-0 loss to Hazelwood.